Book "Inovation for Change", António LúcioBaptista

With a clear, lucid view, António Lúcio Baptista's Chronicles deal with four subjects that are all fundamentally important and relevant today: wealth production through science, reforming healthcare systems in a sustainable manner, optimising the use of laser technology in medicine and assessing the impact of new technologies in the medical profession.

His vision on the evolution of technologies, especially laser technology – something which fascinates him – allows us to appreciate the way in which this entrepreneur and scientist keeps up with advances in scientific knowledge at the same time as playing his role as the CEO of Iberia Advanced Healthcare, the company that he himself founded.

We hope that other Portuguese scientists will be inspired by his example and that they will strive to put the results of their research to the use of technological and industrial projects that will contribute towards generating wealth in Portugal and promote its people's well-being.

Maria da Graça Carvalho, Member of the European Parliament, University Professor at the Technical University of Lisbon.

António Lúcio Baptista is a cardiothoracic surgeon with extensive experience in the vascular field. Throughout his career, he has developed new surgical techniques that are now also applied abroad. He has published and presented over 100 articles on the subject to the public.

Works exclusively in the private sector and is currently working on several scientific research and innovation projects. He is the founder and president of ALTEC, the Association for Laser Therapy and Related Technologies, and a member of the Board of the European Laser Association (ELA).

Is the founder and CEO of Iberia Advanced Healthcare, a company that acts as a scientific and technological platform bridging the gap between science, innovation and the business sector with the aim of creating innovative, added-value products for export.

Studied in Portugal and specialised both in Portugal and South Africa, which has led him to develop an international viewpoint on issues and opportunities.