Career and Tributes

In 1990 I reorganized my career by combining the treatment of patients with new technological innovation that was quickly coming into use as Lasers, Computers, new Surgical Devices, Combined techniques and Hybrid procedures. Seventeen years later, I founded Iberia Advanced Health Care, to act as a Scientific and Innovation Relay Centre.

With the support of an Innovation Board, I found the perfect place to meld my interest in technology and healthcare innovation, as I realized the opportunities that were emerging,
to test and investigate high-quality health care products.

During my many years in Hospital practice in Portugal and South Africa, I was involved in many research projects sponsored by the University of Oporto, University of Witwatersrand and the South African Medical Research Institute in Johannesburg. I learned about the management
of technology and health care problems and acquired an enormous amount of knowledge and experience working towards innovative techniques and products. I had the opportunity of working with brilliant professors and physicians, such as Prof. Rodrigues Gomes, Prof. Robert Kinsley, Dr. Peter Colsen, Prof. Manuel Antunes, Prof. Nuno Grande and Dr. A. Allan Conlan.
I also had the privilege of having conversations with Prof. Christiaan Barnard several times.

For the last 20 years, my partner and colleague, Dr. J.Sá Couto and I have done an enormous amount of work. Together we have developed many interesting projects like Normedica, European Health Forum, International Health Forum and many others. We have also been collaborating as a surgical team for a long time and we published in prestigious scientific journals.

I must emphasize the invitation I received from Prof. Machado Vaz to lecture Microbiology at the College of Medicine in the University of Oporto as soon as I graduated, as well as the invitation to lecture Surgery, extended to me by Prof. Álvaro Rodrigues, Amarante Júnior, Silva Leal and many others whom I keep in my heart.

All of these teachers taught me a great deal of what I know about health care in a constructive manner and how to approach problem solving, among them, I would like to pay special tribute to Dr. Antonio Maria Tenreiro. He was the one who took me through real surgical and clinical experience and invested in me since the beginning of my medical career, teaching me in practice and theory.

I am so grateful to all my teachers, colleagues and people who provided the intellectual space for me to develop my ideas about how health care can be an opportunity for innovation, and how embracing these opportunities can help transform the economic sector and positively impact people life.

Since I founded Iberia Advanced Health Care, I have continued to enjoy the opportunity to contact scientists, doctors and physicians in multiple disciplines such as, Laser engineers, Biologists in nanotechnology, as well as explore how health care can be directed for the benefit of all. Since then I had the opportunity to collaborate with young and not so young researchers in different fields in order to develop my ideas into projects, and as a result I am actually very excited in facilitating innovation on a continuous basis. Sports related research, biotechnology, Laser, nanotechnology, textile related products, nautics related projects, etc, all of them still at the confidential stage, are on track.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my whole family for all their support and care.

Antonio Lucio Baptista